Emergency Services

Anguilla Emergency Medical Services (AEMS)

Quick action by a well trained team of professionals could make a difference in Life-threatening situation. Our ambulances are equipped for pre-hospital emergency medical response, and all of our ambulance personnel are trained First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's).

How to Call for Our Services

Dial 911. Your call will go to Police headquarters in The Valley. When the officer answers, state your problem. First state what type of emergency you have, and your need eg. Ambulance, fire fighters or police. They will then put you through to the Ambulance Service if needed.
The following information is very important:

  • Location: Where is this emergency?
  • Incident: What happened?
  • Other services needed?
  • Number of casualties: How many persons are hurt?
  • Extent of the injury: Explain what is happening as best as you can.
  • Landmarks: Are there any landmarks around you. eg. Important buildings, poles, numbers, homes etc. Describe the area. eg. In the long Road just past the shell factory and close to the water trucks.