Procedure for Work Permits

All vacancies must be advertised before an application can be submitted. Application forms and Medical reports are collected at the labour Department. Completed forms are returned to the Department and must be accompanied by:

  • Copy of the advertisement
  • A complete work permit application
  • Birth Certificate and Passport
  • Police record covering the last ten (10) years
  • Certified certificates as evidence of academic or professional qualifications
  • Recent medical examination report
  • Four (4) passport-sized photographs (identical)
  • Certificate from Social Security contributions stating that the employer is registered and/or his/her Social Security contributions are up to date.
  • Business Licence
  • Tax Clearance

Failure to comply with the above may delay the processing of your aplication which will be returned to you for submission of all documentation.

There are four types of work permits

  • Self employed
  • Employee
  • Renewal and
  • Temporary

There is a fee charged for each position. The fee is determined based on the profession and qualifications. An additional $100.00 EC processing fee must be paid for each work permit before it is processed.