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Announcement of Deputy Governor (Designate) for Anguilla

Written by: Governor's Office

November 26, 2015

HE The Governor Christina Scott has announced that Mr Perin Bradley has been selected as Deputy Governor (designate). 

Commenting on the appointment, the Governor said:

“I am pleased to announce that Mr Perin Bradley will succeed Mr Stanley Reid as Deputy Governor of Anguilla when the post becomes vacant in July 2016.

A full and open competition was held inviting applications from suitably qualified Belongers of Anguilla. Six applications were received.

Each candidate met with a staff panel comprised of volunteers from staff in the Anguilla Public Service who had been nominated for this year’s Anguilla Public Service Awards. The staff panel provided an insightful report summarising strengths and development areas for each candidate. This proved a valuable resource for the senior interview panel to focus areas of questioning.

The senior interview panel comprised Mrs Vida Lloyd-Richardson, Chair of the Public Service Commission, Commission members Mr Fabian Proctor and Mr Seymour Hodge, and me. The panel was unanimous in its decision that Mr Bradley provided the strongest application and interview, and was best able to evidence his vision for the Anguilla Public Service.

I was therefore confident in recommending Mr Bradley to the Secretary of State, and he has now approved the appointment as required by section 19(A)(1) of the Constitution of Anguilla.

Although the post does not fall vacant until next summer, the recruitment process was run in advance so as to allow the successful candidate to work closely with Mr Stanley Reid, Hon Deputy Governor, and to have the opportunity to benefit from overseas training opportunities and secondments.

I congratulate Mr Bradley, but take this opportunity also to thank those other applicants, particularly from the public service, who applied for the role. They too along with staff at every level of the Anguilla Public Service - have a vital role in helping to shape a high performing public service that meets the needs of its customers.”

On the announcement of his appointment as Deputy Governor (Designate), Mr Bradley said:

“I am honoured and humbled to have been selected as the Deputy Governor (Designate) for Anguilla. I thank the panel for having that confidence in me, and look forward to demonstrating to them, the Anguillian public, and the Anguilla Public Service that that trust is well founded.

Anguilla is facing a series of complex challenges, both economic and social, which require careful attention. I envision an empowered civil service committed to the principles of openness, collaboration, participation, and accountability, dedicated to delivering public services in an effective and efficient manner to help address these challenges.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Stanley Reid for his ongoing contributions to the Anguilla Public Service. I look forward to working with him and colleagues across the public service in ensuring a smooth transition in the months ahead.”

Mr Bradley is currently Comptroller of the Department of Inland Revenue, a post he has held since 2014. In over ten years working for the Government of Anguilla, he has held the roles of Compliance Manager advising on international tax transparency, as senior trade and investment officer and as Deputy Registrar of Companies. Mr Bradley holds a Bachelors in Business Administration - Finance from Howard University in Washington DC, and a Masters of Arts in Business Administration from Durham University. He is a part-time Lecturer at the Anguilla Community College. Mr. Bradley is the winner of the APS Image Award for 2015.

Mr Bradley will take up his new role in July 2016.


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