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2015 Hurricane Season Commences

Written by: Disaster Management

June 03, 2015

June 1st marks the start of the official Hurricane Season and as always I urge you to ensure that you and your loved ones prepare adequately for whatever may come our way. The fact that there has already been one named storm before this “official” start of the season underscores the lesson that we all learnt so well during Hurricane Gonzalo: There is no room for complacency in Hurricane Preparedness.

Now is the time to ensure that your hurricane shutters are in working order, your Emergency Kit is replenished and everyone in your household is well versed and drilled in your Family Emergency Plan.

Businesses are not exempt from preparedness activities. Ensure that your Business Continuity Plans are in place and your staff is intimately familiar with them. Be reminded that we at the Department are always willing to lend a hand with your plans and we encourage you to visit us so we can better assist you.

As we look forward to what is again predicted to be a below average Tropical Cyclone season we take measure of what we learned from last year’s experience with Hurricane Gonzalo. This year let us endeavour to exercise a better attitude towards preparedness, personal safety and civic duty. Over the past few years we have witnessed tropical systems developing very rapidly from disturbances to hurricanes. Our attitudes toward preparedness must also therefore mirror this trend and we must address it with the required urgency.

Let us also strive not to repeat the mistakes of last season where we place ourselves in harm’s way simply in order to sightsee. This dangerous practice was evident even during the peak of the storm and must be strongly discouraged in the interest of safety of all the residents of Anguilla.

In conclusion be cognizant of the fact that one storm is all that is required to make a difference. I wish you and your family a safe hurricane season as you work diligently to prepare for any eventuality that we may face over the coming months.

For further information or queries as it pertains to the various hazards and safety, please contact the Department of Disaster Management 497 -2926.


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