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Anguilla to Have International Election Observers at Upcoming General Elections

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January 16, 2015

The Supervisor of Elections Ms. Aurjul Wilson has  announced  that for the first time Anguilla will have International Election Observers at its 2015 General Elections.  Both the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have given their support to this arrangement.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has made funds available for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) to provide a team of independent election observers.

The members of the observer team are expected to be in Anguilla for about 15 days. They will be undertaking a range of activities, including monitoring the media and election campaigns, reviewing the election law, the constitution and commitments Anguilla is signed on to, in detail.

They will be also examining the election machinery from polling clerks to the administrator as well as observe training. The team will attempt to meet all the key stakeholders and party political activists. They will also attend party rallies, meet candidates, civil society organisations, academics, etc..  They will prepare a report, as well as hold press conferences at the start and end of their visits.

The Supervisor of Elections advises that she has plans to meet with the leaders of the respective parties and candidates once a date for elections has been determined in order to discuss matters relating to the conduct of the elections and what is expected of them.


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