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Ministry of Home Affairs Receives Shipment of Spots

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June 21, 2012

The Ministry of Home Affairs has received a shipment of one hundred SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger devices for use at sea by local fishermen.

The SPOTS were recently purchased in the United States with funding provided by local telecommunications company -  DIGICEL. The purchase of the devices was facilitated by Mr. Bob Turner, a friend of the local fishermen.

A formal handing over ceremony will take place early in the month of July.


The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t all with the push of a button.

Once activated, SPOT will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network, and send that location along with a distress message to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center every five minutes until cancelled or until the batteries are depleted. The Emergency Response Center notifies the appropriate emergency responders based on the person’s GPS location and personal information which may include local police, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, the country’s embassy or consulate, or other emergency search and rescue teams as well as notifying local emergency contacts about the receipt of a distress signal.


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