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Release of Anguilla’s 2nd Country Poverty Assessment

Written by: Statistics Department

May 31, 2012

The Valley: Results from the 2nd Anguilla Country Poverty Assessment have been released. The release of the results is the culmination of a project for which discussions started in 2007 with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), to conduct Anguilla’s 2nd Country Poverty Assessment. With the CDB’s assistance Anguilla was able to secure the service of a team of consultants, Kairi Consultants based in Trinidad, to lead and support the project work.

Such a project required the coordination and collaboration of the entire GOA’s Ministries and Departments. To this end the National Assessment Team was formed with a representative each from the Ministries of EDICT and Social Development as co chairs and a representative from the Anguilla Statistics Department as the Technical Advisor.

This project consisted of four research components:

  • A Macro-economic and Social Analysis
  • A Survey of Living Conditions among households of the country
  • A Participatory Poverty Assessment
  • An Institutional Analysis

The results have been compiled into three (3) extensive volumes accompanied by the technical and statistical appendices.

  1. Anguilla – CPA – Main Report – Final
  2. Anguilla – CPA – Volume 2 – Participatory Poverty Analysis
  3. Anguilla – CPA – Volume 3 – Institutional Analysis
  4. Anguilla – CPA – Technical and Statistical Appendices

This project sought to bring an integrated approach to the analysis of this phenomenon and these documents make for
interesting reading as there is a rich and valuable resource of data and information therein.

A copy of these documents is available at the Anguilla Public Library and also on the Government of Anguilla’s website located under the caption ‘Recent Documents’. Requests can also be made to have these documents emailed to persons.

It is hoped that the information therein will be widely used for to ensure evidence based decisions are made and the resulting programmes and policies are to the benefit of all Anguillian and residents alike.


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