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Tourism Working Groups Launched

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May 09, 2012

The Ministry of Tourism announced today the launch of several groups which will collaborate on the sustainable development of tourism in general and on implementing the Sustainable Tourism Masterplan in particular.

According to Haydn Hughes, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, “three working groups have been established; one in each Tourism Development Area as outlined in the Tourism Masterplan. They are comprised of members of the public and private sectors and members of the respective communities”.

The working groups will assist in creating an inventory of sites, attractions and tourism assets in the tourism development areas. In addition they will help identify technical, human and financial resources and assist in implementing projects aimed at enhancing and promoting these assets.

Mr Merwyn Foster Rogers, P S for Tourism explained that the Tourism Working Groups will be supported by other leading bodies in Anguilla.  “An Oversight Team has been established” he said, “which will be made up of organisations including The Anguilla National Trust, The Anguilla Archeological and Historical Society, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Anguilla Tourist Board and The Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association.  These are all key stakeholders” he added.  “All have some responsibility related to the protection, management, marketing and promotion of Anguilla’s Tourism assets.  There is a vast storage of institutional memory and knowledge which can be used to guide and advise the Tourism Working Groups”.

In addition to these groups, the Ministry of Tourism has established a Technical Support Network.   The Coordinator of the Tourism Sector Development Project,  Jasmin Garraway, explained that “the network is made up of volunteers from a diverse range of professions spanning the public and private sector.  It also includes long and short –term expatriates who have expressed an interest in supporting tourism and tourism related initiatives”.

The Technical Support Network is in fact a specialized skills bank, and a cadre of resource persons who will be approached by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Working Groups to assist in implementing tourism initiatives.

“It is important to note,” added the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, “that the Support Network is not static in nature.  We expect that it will continuously expand as other volunteers come on board”.  The Ministry is calling on all parties who are interested in participating in the Technical Support Network to email their contact details to or call Mrs Sandra Gumbs at 497 2547 ext 2206.


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