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Press Release: Temporary Moratorium on Work Permits

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May 03, 2012

In light of the ongoing global financial and its negative impact on the local labour market , the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Labour have been vigilantly ensuring that qualified Anguillians and Belongers of Anguilla are considered for jobs that become available for which they have the necessary skills and experiences.

The Executive Council at its meeting of 19 April 2012 agreed that a temporary moratorium should be imposed on the issue of new work permits for the following categories of work permits during the period 1st May to 31st December, 2012:-

Babysitter, Cook, Mason, Office Receptionist, Carpenter, Labourer, Plumber, Photographer, Electrician, Landscaper, Housekeeper, Bartender, Domestic Helper, Waiter/Waitress, Maintenance, Tiler, Painter, Store Clerk, Videographer, Cashier and Spa Therapist.

Council further agreed that:-

(i) Caretaker/Caregiver for the elderly should be exempted from the moratorium requirements;

(ii)Photographers and Videographers should be exceptionally considered only in special circumstances, and should involve working along with local counterparts.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is encouraging unemployed Anguillians and Belongers of Anguilla to register with the Department of Labour. By doing so, allows the Department of Labour to act as a placement centre, whereby it can assist the private sector with the recruitment of workers.

Labour officials are again reminding Anguillians and Belongers of Anguilla applying for jobs in the private sector, to send copies of their applications and resumes to the Department of Labour. By doing such, the Department will be able to keep track of their job seeking process and to intervene as required. There is an assumption that jobs being advertised are already earmarked for certain individuals. However, it is incumbent on all Anguillians and Belongers of Anguilla to apply for any vacant position in the public and private sectors for which they have the requisite qualifications.

Russel Reid
Labour Commissioner


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