STMP - Study Tasks

The STMP will elaborate the policy framework for development, management, monitoring and long term sustainability of the tourism sector for the ten year period, the main objectives of which are to provide:

(i) Review of all relevant reports and documents

To include the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Statistics and Reports, etc.

(ii) Site Visits and Individual Consultations

Extensive consultations with stakeholders will be undertaken on an individual basis as well as site visits.

(iii) Workshops/Forums/Round-Table Discussions

To guarantee full representation in the formulation of the STMP, it is proposed to hold a number of workshops, forums and round table discussions with stakeholders during the assignment, to bring together all the information, resources, opinions and personnel related to the project. These workshops/meetings will discuss the issues to be addressed in the project terms of reference and the deliberations will be included in the STMP Report.