Public Consultation for Advertisement Policy for Anguilla.


Invitation to Meeting

This letter is to invite you to a public meeting on 4th July 2001 at 3p.m. at the Teacher Resource Centre at the Library , The Valley, which is being held to discuss the attached policy for advertisements (signs etc) in Anguilla.


The attached draft policy has been developed following initial consultation with the following:

§         Department of Lands and Surveys

§         Anguilla National Trust

§         Department of  Statistics and Finance

§         Ministry of Infrastructure Communications and Utilities

§         Anguilla Tourism Board

§         Land Development Control Committee


Please let friends and colleagues know about the draft policy and the public meeting to discuss the policy. We want your comments.


How to comment

There are a number of ways to comment:

1.      Attend the public meeting and raise your comments

2.      If you are unable to attend the meeting please send your comments in writing by 10.00am on 4th July 2001 to the

Forward Planning Unit, Department of Physical Planning,

Government of Anguilla,

The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies.

3.   You can e-mail with your comments. Please send by 10.00am on 4th July 2001.


What will happen next.

Following the public meeting and consideration of the written comments the policy will be amended (as necessary) and will be adopted by the Land Development Control Committee for use in the consideration of all advertisement applications, Appeals and any proposed enforcement action.



We hope that you are able to attend the public meeting and or able to comment on the policy.




DRAFT Signs and Advertisements Policies 2001


1.              Introduction.

1.1       Anguilla has a high quality visual environment that for a number of years has provided the base for its major industry, tourism. Both the natural and built environment play significant roles in this. Anguilla also benefits from a number of areas of higher quality environment. This guide is set in the context of this fact and a number of strategic Government policies as well as practical considerations. These include:


The Anguilla Tourism Strategy and Anguilla Economic Development Strategy which both reinforce the aim to create of an attractive Anguilla with a clean, high quality environment that promotes the high end of the tourist market.


Anguilla Roads Ordinance 1973 which provides a distance of 10 feet from the boundary of any road as an area where development should not ordinarily take place.


2         How the Policies will be used

2.1   This Policy document will form Supplementary Planning Guidance and be a material factor in the consideration of all advertisement applications, Appeals and any consideration of enforcement action.


3     Overall Vision

3.1   The Vision for Anguilla incorporates the development of a vibrant island with a

prosperous economy and a distinctive environment which matches the highest

Caribbean and world standards.


3.2   Good design is an essential ingredient. It helps provides a stylish setting for

development, and can help attract further development of a high quality. It also

helps provide a safe and pleasant environment which people can enjoy. It ultimately helps achieve vitality, interest and activity.


3.3   Advertisements play a vital role in the visual environment of Anguilla. The Government recognises the need of businesses to announce themselves to customers but believes that ingenious high quality design and materials are more important than mere size, brightness or number.


3.4   Well designed and located signs can add colour and vitality in the built up areas without being unduly intrusive in their setting or a public safety hazard.



4.    The Policies:


4.1  The Policies are split into Two Main Sections:


§         Section A: Adverts not requiring Planning permission.

§         Section B: Policies relating to Adverts that need Planning Permission.


Section A.

Adverts Not requiring planning permission.



Policy A1.     Matters not Ordinarily relevant to planning

The following issues cannot ordinarily be considered under Planning laws by the Physical Planning Department or the Land Development Control Committee:

Ø      Moral issues Planning does not govern the morals of the advert or the product or service being advertised or the applicant. Note that signs that have an ‘illegal’ content will not be approved (this includes pornography).

Ø      Accuracy or ‘honesty’. Planning has no role to play in vetting whether the content of the sign is ‘misrepresentation’ or ‘misleading’ in its content or purpose.


Policy A1.1     Classes of signs not requiring permission

Permission (known as express consent) is not needed for any of the following types of advertisement provided the sizes, locations etc are adhered to:


Class 1 Government Departments and Statutory Undertakers.

Any advert wholly for the purpose of announcing or directing to a function of a Government Department or Statutory undertaker.


Class 2  Miscellaneous Adverts:

Maximum size & or number


For the purposes of identification, direction or warning with respect to the land or building on which they are displayed

Not exceeding 2 sq.ft in area


Relating to any person, partnership or company separately carrying on a profession, business or trade at the premises.

4 sq.ft for each person, partnership or company.


Relating to any institution of a religious, educational, cultural, recreational, medical or similar character situated on the land on which the advert is displayed.

One advert not exceeding 12 sq.ft for each such premises.



Class 3 Temporary Adverts

Maximum size & or number


Relating to the sale or letting of the land or premises with respect to the land or building on which they are displayed

One advert not exceeding 10 sq.ft in area for each sale or letting.


Relating to the carrying out of building (or similar work) on the land which it is displayed. The land in question is normally not used for building or similar work.

One advert not exceeding 10 sq.ft.


Announcing local events or temporary matter of a religious, educational, cultural, political, social or recreational character where neither the promotion or operation of the event is of a commercial nature.

Adverts limited to a total area not exceeding 6 sq.ft on any premises.



Class 4 Advertisements on Business Premises

Adverts displayed on business premises (land or building)  must conform to the following:

Maximum size & or number


The advert must relate to:

The business or other commercial activity being carried on, the goods sold, or services provided and the name and qualifications of the person carrying on such business or activity or supplying such goods or services, on those premises.

Adverts limited to a total area not exceeding 12 sq.ft on any premises.

If over 12 sq.ft is used Planning Permission is required.

Other Requirements



The above adverts are permitted without planning permission provided:

Does not apply to:


No letter, figures, symbols, emblems or devices shall be of a height exceeding 2 feet 6 inches.

Class 1


No part of any advert shall be displayed so that the highest part is above 15 feet from ground level.




No advertisement shall be illuminated (internally or externally)

Class 1 or

Medical or similar services or supplies under Class 2 or Class 4 provided the illumination is reasonable.



Section B.

Policies relating to Adverts that need Planning Permission.


Policy A2.     Public Safety

In the interests of public safety both the Physical Planning Department  and Land Development Control Committee will have regard to the :


Advertisements effect (or the cumulative effects of advertisements) upon the safe use and operation of any form of traffic or transport

1.      on land (including the safety of pedestrians),

2.      on or over water,

3.      or in the air.


Policy A3.     Amenity

The Physical Planning Department  and Land Development Control Committee will have regard to the effect of the advertisement on

1.      the building or land it is to be placed or

2.      on the amenity of the surrounding / neighbouring area.

This includes the cumulative impact of the advertisement and its impact on an areas:

· Scenic value · Historic value · Architectural value · Cultural issues

· Environmental Value


Policy A4.     Location of signs

          No sign advertisement panel or frame (or part of) shall be erected :

Ø      within 400 feet of the outer edge of central island of a traffic island or roundabout

Ø      where it is in a straight line with another frame they must be at least 400 feet apart

Ø      within 100 feet of a road junction except if it is in line with the centre of the road leading to the junction (see diagram 1).

Ø      within 16 feet of the centre of a road

Ø      within 10 feet from the edge of a road



Policy A5.     Time Period for Approvals

A grant of permission to display an advertisement or sign will last for a maximum period of 3 years from the date of approval.  


Policy A6.     Strategic Location Sign Frames.


Policy A6.1   Locations

In the locations listed below a maximum of two (2) Sign frames of a design to be submitted for agreement will be allowed.

15- 20 Locations:

List to be compiled for example near traffic island for Sandy Ground.


Policy A6.2   Design

            The sign frame (including all advertisements on it) design must :

Ø      enable approx. 8-10 distinct business or product to be advertised at any one time. The individual advertisements must not be longer than 3 feet or taller than 8 inches.

Ø      have a maximum height of 7 feet from ground level

Ø      have a maximum width of 3 feet.

Ø      have a common style / theme to the individual frame and the signs it incorporates. The same style could also be used in more than one of the locations listed above.

Ø      External illumination of the sign can be possible using either up or down-lighters. The design of the lighting will be considered with the frame design.

The sign frame (including all advertisements on it) design must not incorporate internally illuminated signs or neon signs.


Policy A7.     Commercial Location Sign Panels

Policy A7.1   Locations

In the locations listed below Sign Panels of a design to be submitted for agreement will be allowed.

Ø      Blowing Point Ferry Terminal

Ø      Airport

Ø      Sandy Ground

Ø      Valley Central

Ø      Other locations to be agreed


Policy A6.2   Design

The sign panel design must:

Ø      enable more than two businesses to be advertised through operation of mechanical / electrical device

Ø      have a maximum height of 7 feet from ground level

Ø      have a maximum width of 3 feet.

Ø      not incorporate neon signs. Internal illumination of the panel may be allowed depending upon actual appearance.