Details for Deputy Labour Commissioner



Annual Salary:

EC $79,044.00


March 13, 2017

Application Deadline:

April 03, 2017


Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals to fill one (1) vacant post of Deputy Labour Commissioner in the Labour Department of the Anguilla Public Service.

The post is in Grade E with a starting salary of EC $79,044.00 per annum.

The key duties of the post are:

1.Participate in the formulation, implementation, administration, and review of National Employment Policies, Procedures and Guidelines/National Labour Policy.

2.Process work permit applications, interview employers and applicants as necessary and submit applications to Labour Commissioner.

3.Ensure that the provisions of the Work Permit and Control of Employment Act are implemented and adhered to.

4.Liaise with Government departments to facilitate the processing of work permit applications and coordination of enforcement measures.

5.Provide technical advice to the Ministry on the effectiveness of established labour policies and procedures.

6.Provide guidance and direction for subordinate staff so as to ensure that departmental objectives are achieved.

7.Participate in the provision of ILO reports and operational, informational and statistical reports on departmental operations and ensure that all related files and registers are kept up to date.

8.Participate in the investigation and conciliation of complaints, disputes and grievances that arise between employee and employers.

9.Carry out inspections at places of employment under the Labour Department Act to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policies and submit reports regarding occupational health and safety, terms and conditions of employment and under study programmes.

10.Maintain records of job applications and placements, and understudy programmes.

11.Investigate reports of instances of procedural non-compliance or inappropriate customer service and report to Labour Commissioner.

12.Control the procurement, distribution and utilization of departmental office supplies and stationery.

13.Provide advice guidance and clarification to employees and employers on labour relations issues, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

14.Participate in disaster management activities designed to prepare for, mitigate against and respond to disaster events.

15.Develop and implement strategies for improving and maintaining a high level of Customer Service in the public sector.

16.Perform other related duties as required by the job function.


The incumbent must possess a thorough knowledge of Labour laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines, must have effective management skills, interpretative judgement, communicative and interpersonal skills as well as knowledge of the ILO Conventions and Recommendations.

These knowledges, skills and abilities are normally obtained in the process of acquisition of a university degree in Labour Management or other Social Sciences together with at least three years post qualification experience in a similar or related job.

Persons interested in this position should obtain the necessary application form from the Department of Public Administration, The James Ronald Webster Building, The Valley, Anguilla. Application forms can also be downloaded from the government website at The completed form along with supporting documentation should be returned on or before Monday, 03 April 2017.