Blowing Point Ferry Terminal

Ferry to French St. Martin

The main connection from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal is to the Marigot Port on the french side of St. Martin/St. Maarten. The ferries run approximately every half hour to and from Marigot and the trip takes an average of 25 minutes. As the ferries are based in Anguilla, the first ferry departs Anguilla at 7:00 am while the last evening trip departs Marigot at 7:00 pm. The associated fees are shown in the table below:

  • Regular One Way Fare: $12 US or $32 EC
  • Evening Fare: $15 US or $40
  • Departure Tax from Anguilla is $5 US or $13 EC
  • Departure Tax from Marigot is $3 US or $8 EC

*Please note that a valid passport is required to clear Immigration in St. Martin. Holders of Anguilla, United Kingdom & United States passports are generally accepted without hassle. If you possess a passport from another country contact the Immigration Department to avoid any possible issues.

Ferry to Dutch St. Maarten

An alternate less frequented route from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal is the trip to Philipsburg on the dutch side of St. Maarten. The fare for this trip is $25 US or $67 EC. More details on the time and frequency of this trip can be obtained by calling (264) 497 6665.